When you chose your career, did you think you’d be spending this much time on proposals?

Are your best people working on bids instead of making money for your business?

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We’re RTFQ. We can’t promise to make it all disappear, but we can free your people to work more on the ‘day job’ and less on bids.

RTFQ is an APMP accredited team of work-winning professionals with many years’ experience of competitive tendering. We work with companies like yours to lighten the load and raise the bar of your bid quality.

We challenge you to answer the question you’ve been asked, not just the question you want to answer. Then we edit and illustrate your content into compelling stories so your bid scores every point it deserves.

If you think it's time to make bidding easier, we’d like to talk to you.

BA(Hons) English CF.APMP Competitive Tender Specialist
Scoring every point

Richard has edited over 350 competitive tender documents since 1996. By making responses compelling, compliant, concise and complete, he helps clients score every possible point to give their tenders the best chance of success.

Richard’s editorial career started with The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in London.

CP.APMP Competitive Tender Specialist
Managing your time and content effectively

Marjorie improves our clients' competitive tendering processes, responses and final documents so they hit their deadlines for production, graphics, upload and print.

She writes compelling responses and CVs that showcase your team's expertise and matches skills and experience to your clients' 'must have' requirements.

What we do
Answer Planning

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Answer Planning We run storyboarding sessions that focus you on what matters to your clients. Our structured response templates have navigational headings to guide you towards scoring every point.
Bid Management

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Bid Management We provide capacity to manage your bid from ITT to upload so your team can focus on the writing.

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Writing We write plain English responses that evaluators understand on first reading. We prepare CVs that match your people’s expertise to your client’s needs.
Illustration & Publishing

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Illustration & Publishing We design process charts and structure diagrams that tell your story better than words alone. We also produce attractive and navigable documents ready for upload or print.

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Editing We re-work your draft to fit page and word limits without losing the impact of your message. The result is a compelling response that speaks to your client in one voice.

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Review Our line-by-line RAG reviews provide constructive feedback with recommended actions to improve your responses.

RTFQ makes bids better for clients in construction and support services, air and rail infrastructure, education, health and social care, defence, utilities, sustainable development and management consultancy.

What our clients say about us

As an exceptional editor, Richard adds immense value to construction bid
proposals. He has an eagle eye for identifying the fundamental elements of the
question and provides expert guidance in how to structure a clear, concise and compelling response to maximise scoring.

He is able to apply different, easy to read content styles to suit the requirements of each bid.
Richard is very personable, a delight to work with, works seamlessly with the bid team and I unreservedly recommend him to everybody other than my competitors!
Martyn Bentley - Education Framework Manager
Sir robert v2
Our tender was successfully delivered at 16:24 today.

I would just like to say a huge thank you for your hard work and efforts in pulling this together. The submission looked fantastic and the content was detailed and clear.

Special special thanks to Richard and Marjorie, who have worked tirelessly… I will be the first to admit as a sceptic I wanted to understand how you would support the team, but I’m pleased to say that you were the linchpin that galvanised the team, drove us to completion and helped produce what I would consider a spectacular submission.
Danny Izatt - Commercial Director
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Marjorie has been a fantastic support to our teams at all stages of the bidding lifecycle. We have engaged Marjorie at the start of projects and part way through when we've needed additional support. Each time Marjorie has been able to rapidly get up to speed and skilfully guide the teams on each occasion. Marjorie is committed, client-focused and her way of working means she fully integrates as a member of our team. Her calm approach and focus on the end goal sees her deliver consistently high quality outcomes against our requirements.
Tim Snell MBA, CPP.APMP - Senior Director - Bid & Capture, Europe & Asia
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I have worked with Richard Moreland and RTFQ over a period of six years, retaining him for critical bid support activity, and for training of operational staff in how to support bids and develop solutions. Richard has incredibly high standards and is both collegiate and robust when constructively challenging received “wisdoms”. In outcome terms, the bids I have engaged Richard to develop have been successful – on one occasion resulting in over £300m of new business. He is comfortable with complex services, technical jargon, and is really talented at bringing a bid to life using words and visualisation.
Yvonne Thomas - Managing Director
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Marjorie has worked with us on most of our tenders over the past seven years. The quality of work, work ethic and the organisation that Marjorie has brought to our bids is exceptional.

Since we have engaged Marjorie we have consistently achieved top marks in our technical submissions. In addition, Marjorie is a pleasure to work with.
Steven Turner - Director
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Richard is a truly gifted and articulate bid writer and editor, who combines an organisation's value proposition and unique selling points along with credible subject matter content, into relevant plain and common English that is focused on the target audience. Marjorie’s bid management, writing and production skills ensures bids are clear, compliant and submitted on time.
We have worked together over 10 years: their skills and abilities, combined with visual media, remain at the very top of the bid editing and writing profession.
Sean Fishlock - Managing Director, Global Construction Practice - BRG
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